Sunday, August 21, 2011

Version is released

New features:
Ability to add and remove items from Favorites (Избранное).  Navigate to individual show to see the options.

1) Majority of "Page Not Found 404" errors have been fixed.  etvNet has changed the API somewhat and is not sending reliable links anymore.  I've fixed most places, but it is still possible to get 404 errors from Favorites/Избранное
2) Anything that has to do with Today/Сегодня option has been fixed.  Navigation underneath Today/Сегодня used to not work very well.
3) Main menu bar that displays top-level options like Favorites(Избранное)/Today(Сегодня)/Archive(Архив)/etc is now scroll-able.  Folks who could not see "Search/Поиск" or "Radio/Радио" options can now get to them by scrolling.


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